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This is a question Absolute Power

Have you ever been put in a position of power? Did you become a rabid dictator, or did you completely arse it up and end up publicly humiliated? We demand you tell us your stories.

Thanks to The Supreme Crow for the suggestion

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:09)
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My sister was a typical teenager - ie, horrible.
One day when she wouldn't get into line, my dad threatened to pick her up from school wearing a silly hat.
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 14:12, closed)
had your dad been watching roseanne?

(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 14:15, closed)
I don't know.
Did she live in Somerset in the 1980s?
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 14:19, closed)
but she went to pick one of her kids up dressed as a hillbilly
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 15:05, closed)
How silly?

(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 14:37, closed)
She was a teenager.
Let's face it - just his presence could have sealed the deal, but I figure he deliberately went for overkill.

But he does own a deerstalker, and an umbrella hat.
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 14:41, closed)
He could have just threatened to rape her
While wearing a silly hat.

THAT would have been overkill.
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 15:25, closed)
Clearly you've not met my sister.

(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 15:36, closed)
Would such a threat have just turned her on?
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 15:48, closed)

You can't rape the willing?
(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 9:53, closed)
Now there's a challenge
if ever I heard one!
(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 13:18, closed)
My dad used to wear a flat cap when he was driving.
A proper flat cap. Not the kind of flat cap-wearing that goes on these days.

My sister threw a tantrum every time he picked her up from anywhere.
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 15:05, closed)
My mum used to pick me up from school in a volve estate.
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 16:45, closed)
I was picked up from school
in a Volvo estate. I never did know the guy, but he did say he had some puppies to show me.
(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 9:24, closed)
You were lucky, mate...
... occasionally, my step-monster would pick me up from 6th form in her Reliant Robin. And toot melodiously the car horn at the masses of 6th formers and lower school kids streaming away from the school on their bikes.

Oh, for shame...
(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 9:24, closed)
You were lucky...
No one ever picked us up from school, we had to catch the bus. And we all know how strange "bus people" can be. :C(
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 18:49, closed)
this just made me
absolutely piss myself :D
(, Wed 14 Jul 2010, 19:08, closed)

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