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This is a question I didn't do it

Chthonic wants to know about awful, terrible things you have definitely never done. But secretly have. Confess!

(, Thu 15 Sep 2011, 13:16)
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Bit of a pea, this one*
I worked in a sales office in Coventry for about 10 months, several years ago now.

All the time I was there I told everyone that I didn't like cheese.

Then one day while the (awful awful) manager was out I was really hungry, so I stole the cheese she'd brought in for her lunch from the fridge and ate it. Later that day, she returned, discovered her lunch was missing and demanded to know who had eaten it. Everyone got a massive bollocking...

...except for me, because she knew I didn't like cheese \o/

*Complete, utter 100% pea
(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 12:16, closed)
You might have been asked this first time around, but...
...did you tell everyone you didn't like cheese just in case a cheese-based opportunity like this arose?

Or did you take the cheese in spite of your dislike?
(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 12:30, closed)
I think it did get asked the first time round, but I didn't see it in time to answer.
When I started there, I didn't actually like cheese. However, over the period I worked there, I grew to like it - I just didn't bother telling any of my colleagues :)
(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 13:47, closed)
Cheezey Peas?

(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 13:45, closed)
Haha :)

(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 13:48, closed)
I think what happened is this...
You worked on and cultivated a taste for cheese just in case this opportunity arose.
Playing the long game!
(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 14:40, closed)
This does actually win the internet.

(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 15:35, closed)

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