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This is a question False Economies

Sometimes the cheapest option isn't the right one. I fondly remember my neighbours going to a well-known catalogue-based store and buying the cheapest lawnmower they stocked. How we laughed as they realised it had non-rotating wheels and died when presented with grass. Tell us about times you or others have been let down by being a cheapskate.

(, Tue 24 Jun 2014, 12:42)
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Stag Doo
Before going on my mate's stag doo, we all decided to buy "hilarious" plastic breasts to wear.
Most bought some made of sturdy rubber but I went for the cheapest, fragile plastic, ones.

Not surprisingly mine fell apart almost immediately and I had to look on jealously at all my full breasted mates.

That's right. They were false economy comedy falsies.
(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 12:47, closed)
Seriously, you can't spell 'do'?

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 13:25, closed)
I think he's talking about a cartoon Great Dane or sutin.

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 13:26, closed)
Sounds like a rhaggee rhog story to me

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 13:35, closed)
You mean Scobie Doe?

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 16:03, closed)
or use commas correctly

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 15:50, closed)
What, a, prick.

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 16:14, closed)
Neither could Betty Bo.

(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 20:20, closed)
you are *through*
and there's nothing you can do, you fucking nipple antelope
(, Fri 27 Jun 2014, 23:24, closed)

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