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This is a link post Scotch you say ?
Billy Connolly's C&W supersong
S'bin a while.

Evenin' all. I got a night off from home-caring Muvver, so what better way than to treat myself by driving 60 miles to a nondescript fullers hotel in Farnham and getting ginned up?
And there's a bath.
Took me 15 minutes to spell check that.
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 22:04, Reply)
This is a normal post big field updatey
and i found the direct link to the funny big field stuff on bbc3,
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 22:20, Reply)
This is a normal post Big Field is really good.
Why can't the fuckwits put all those into one 27 minute show though? What's with all these bite size vids?
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 23:03, Reply)
This is a normal post I wish there was a Fuller's pub within 60 miles of NZ =/
You can buy it in bottles but fuck it ain't cheap. I was always a Young's devotee but then they sold out and the beer went down the tubes. Fuller's ESB and Pride are wonderful it has to be said, so... good thing I said it then.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 2:09, Reply)
This is a normal post
woke up to good cricket and a bad hangover.
Good evening New Zealand.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 10:38, Reply)
This is a normal post Yep - it's one of the things I miss about living darn sarf
There are lots of very good beers up north, but I do like a good pint of Fullers. The bottled stuff just isn't the same.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 11:00, Reply)
This is a normal post I remember this song and I love it

(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 16:06, Reply)