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# Happy Birthday Ma'am
Long to reign over us.
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:01, Reply)
# only until i get my laser cannon working
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:11, Reply)
# You might not need to, they've already cancelled her speech next year, and some other engagements
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:27, Reply)
# oh, i will
i'm not just after england......
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:28, Reply)
# Not that moon base thing again, we told you it's massively impractical and too expensive
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:33, Reply)
(, Sun 18 Jun, 13:33, Reply)
# nice of them to do a french flag on the flypast
maybe if we keep it up we can get macron to replace our lot too
(, Sun 18 Jun, 14:21, Reply)
# If only there was an incredibly wealthy woman with 100's of spare rooms in the middle of London willing to help out the survivors for a bit :[
(, Sun 18 Jun, 15:01, Reply)
# Bet she loved having to come face to face with them all.
"So, I hear that you have nothing whatsoever now?"
(, Sun 18 Jun, 15:36, Reply)
# Must've been frightfully awful for her
Still she done a good job acting like she gave a fucking shit than May I'll give her that much.
(, Sun 18 Jun, 20:04, Reply)
# Awfully good.
(, Mon 19 Jun, 8:59, Reply)